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Founder and CEO of Kama.Sport, a software and data science company operating in the sports industry. As an Innovation Partner of Lega Serie A and awarded Innovation of the Year, Kama is the largest system integrator of technology, data, and expertise in football. Kama provides the best all-in-one data analysis and exploration platform for coaches, technical staff, and football clubs. Additionally, we scale the technologies we develop and make them available to other related markets, such as other sports, media, and insurance.

Founder of TAB LAB, Transpond A Brainwave, a laboratory where innovation, web technologies and data exploration come together to devise new projects, do experimentation and find the best solution to launch them on the market.

Founder of Stark Technology Partner, the technology partner that provides customized software systems, online communication strategies, websites, mobile apps, e-commerce, back-office solutions, management software, CRM, search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising, and social media services.

Founder of ComiXtime, an app for comic book enthusiasts and collectors, publishers, authors, and comic book stores. ComiXtime has developed the first complete comic book cataloguing system in Italy and the ISCN (International System Comic Number) standard.


Today, nobody can do without Data and Web. My advice is to ride the wave with professionalism and the scientific method.

Goals define the strategy, Data directs technologies and content, and Competence makes the difference.

Don't buy into prepackaged and cheap miracle solutions. Don't believe those who propose novel technologies before discussing goals. Don’t believe those who don’t know the internet’s rules. The road to success is often a labyrinth, but a labyrinth by definition always has a way out - you just need to know how to listen and choose the right direction.